We will be providing meals at no cost to ALL students through October 20th. Meal choices may be limited due to availability and will not follow the published menu. Limited a la cart items may still be available for purchase. Adult meals will be available for purchase if food inventory allows.

This year JLMS will be moving to a rotating bell schedule.  A detailed copy of this bell schedule can be found in the link below.  Our new schedule expands the academic time for one class each day.  Since we have a six period day, our rotation schedule will be six days to match.

The reason for this rotated, extended-time period is so that our teachers can better meet the academic needs of your child.  The extended period each day allows teachers to provide your child with extension activities if they have mastered concepts in the class or to give extra support to those needing help mastering the material being covered by the class.

2017-18 JLMS Bell Schedule


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