See attached for our updated bell schedule (including lunch times.)

Bell Schedule 1 is followed by our 7th and 8th grade teams, as well as Mrs. Klesius, Ms. Rickfelder, the CTE teachers (Mr. Carlson, Mr. Chamberlin, Ms. Livdal, and Mr. Lewis,) the Reading teachers (Mrs. Nardi, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Dykes.)

Bell Schedule 2 is followed by our 6th grade teams, as well as Mrs. Frump (reading,) the PE teachers (Coach Barrios, Coach Beagle, Coach Crain, and Coach Ferguson,) and the Fine Arts teachers (Mrs. McCormick, Mr. Hollenbeck, Mrs. Sanyet, Mr. Zambrano, Mr. Vento, and Mr. Baggett.)

JLMS Bell Schedule 2018-2019