Summer Math Resources for students – Please Share

We have some free resources for our students to use this summer to help them prepare for upcoming courses or review their previous course.  These resources are available all summer and students are able to complete work at their own pace.

Khan Academy – Students can access on the web and create their own account

MathNation (available until August) – Students can access through an icon on their myPascoConnect. They will need to add the Icon first.  Please have students search for AlgebraNation int he app library. 

  • On Ramp to 6th grade
  • 6th grade
  • 7th grade
  • 8th grade
  • On Ramp to Algebra 1

* The MathNation platform supports the IM curriculum for grades 6 through 8. All the work in the platform is identical to the IM curriculum and our KH materials.