Math Links

Math Nation has a feature called On-Ramp to Algebra 1 Some teachers have asked what they could do for students leaving Grade 7 Math Advanced or Grade 8 Pre-Algebra to ensure their students are ready for Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors. This tool would be a perfect summer assignment! Please share the information with your students and parents as a resource to prevent the summer slide!

Math Websites

 The topics listed are topics that students should currently have “mastered.”  Most students still struggle with fractions as they enter middle school.  If a student has difficulty adding and subtracting fractions normally, positive and negative fractions combined with algebraic equations can be truly daunting.  It is a sincere hope that students take advantage of this list of resources as they have been used by numerous students in the past and have helped!  Some sites are pretty basic, while others will build in difficulty and challenge the students.  In addition, a few of the sites have step-by-step instructions for the topic at hand.  (Many of these can also take you to a home page with even more topics!)


Fractions                          – type in “fractions” for the topic and leave other options blank         – very basic         – more like an arcade game…                                       – select grade level…topic… limited use per day (can purchase)


Decimal and Percent       – operations with decimals             – place value/operations/percent – trial period                             – games and practice                 – lesson then game


Integers                        – games – this one has absolute value as well   – lesson with notes and activity                       – scroll down to find links


Coordinate Graphing (all) – Linear Functions (Adv 7th, 8th, and Alg)             – timed game, identify coordinates of aliens on graph     – find a path around items between you and your target                      – tough


Problem Solving              – site requires log in information (set up in Aug.)              log in: johnlong                       password: longhorns


Various topics and help sites                                – lessons and links                                                                                                     – will have to create account – printable worksheets/puzzles (6th grade through algebra) – amazing # of worksheets – needed skills for incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!

Textbook/homework help

The textbook will be posted on CANVAS once school starts.  The password assigned to your child for the school/district will be all you need (the book does not require a username/password).